The Partnership Between Asteria And API3 Annouced

Source: CoinNess 2021-06-24 15:00

Asteria is excited to announce a strategic partnership with API3, an oracle service provider pioneer based on DAO governance. API3 will become a first-party data provider for Asteria. Asteria also intends an oracle service provider pioneer based on DAO governance to govern the API3 DAO to help reduce the possible option market risk of malicious price manipulation from third-party providers. The overarching aim of this partnership is to have Asteria deploy an airnode to provide comprehensive options data and API3 supply Asteria with price data where necessary. Through the Asteria Option Pricing Mechanism implemented on the API3 airnode, investors will be able to get option pricing and quantity quotations to execute in real-time without slippage. Airnode’s blockchain-agnostic design will allow the options data to be available across multiple chains, parachains, and rollups. Asteria is a decentralized options trading platform based on the Asteria Decentralized Options Protocol (ADOP). ADOP defines the framework and core algorithms of the Automated Options Market Making (AOMM) mechanism. In short, ADOP brings the AOMM mechanism on-chain and implements intelligent risk management and specialized option price modeling by smart contracts and Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup solutions, as well as integrated with API3’s state-of-the-art oracle solution. All of the above will position Asteria, the next generation of decentralized options trading platform, as professional as Morgan Stanley and as straightforward as Uniswap.