[WISEBITCOIN] Reward Center Launch!

2022-08-17 03:00:00

Dear Wisebitcoin Users:


We are happy to announce that WISEBITCOIN just launched the Reward Center.
All customers are eligible to receive up to 6,435 USDT compensation when they finish missions such as ID verification, First deposit, First trade, and following WISEBITCOIN SNS.  


<How to apply>

Please visit The Rewards Center on the homepage or app and press the Participate button.    


<Detail of Reward Type>

1. ID Verifiaction
Complete to verify ID and receive the rewards

2. Follow SNS
Follow official SNS of Wisebitcoin, and get credit!

3. The First Invite
Invite friends with your own invitation code or link.

4. The First Deposit
After join the mission, Receive the first transfer to your contract balance as a 5% credit!

5. The First Position
Open the first position and receive the 20 USDT credit.

6. Reach The Trading Volume
Reach the contract trading volume 200,000 USDT within 7 days after sign up, and recieve 100 USDT credit.

7. Hidden mission 01

8. Hidden mission 02

9. Hidden mission 03


<Detail condition>

1. Where to use (Only for contract trading)
- The credit will be used, when you open the position
- Cover trading loss
- Pay the funding fees
- Deduct trading fees

2. If you do not use credit within 30days, it will be deducted automatically. Your credit will not be deducted, if you have trading history in this period.

3. The credit can not be transferred to spot wallet.

4. When you transfer your asset from contract wallet to spot wallet, the credit will be deducted. When it happens, your entire or partial position can be closed, or the pending order can be cancelled. Please be careful about your loss by the policy.

5. You can not open the position on bothways when you use credit.

6. The order of credit deduction : credit - real balance

7. Immediately recoverable in case of suspicion of abusing or illegal transactions based on Wisebitcoin's judgment

8. A number of fraudulent activities have been confirmed to open the position on both ways after obtaining KYC and SNS mission. Wisebitcoin users will receive the compensation from the Reward Center only for customers who have completed the “The First Deposit” and “The First Position” missions, so please refer to the use of the Reward Center.


You can get additional benefits if you complete not only the primary mission but also the hidden mission. So keep your eyes peeled for the hidden missions and join us in the Reward Center!


17 AUG 2022

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